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Sandals and Mules Trends for Women in 2021

As soon as summer comes to the fore, you completely change the way you dress for a more relaxed, airy and more colourful look. All the clothes go through but it is usually on the feet where there are the most changes. In summers, women prefer summer shoes that let the foot breathe to avoid having the feet swelling due to the rise in temperatures. You then barter your usual shoes for women’s sandals, open wedge shoes, sandals, mules or even summer sneakers.

What are the trends for summer 2021?

This year again, experts are continuing their battle against flip flops, because they are uncomfortable and do not offer the same aesthetic, as the shoes in your summer wardrobe should offer. Sandals hold the foot better and really dress the foot.

In 2021, white, silver, gold and citrus textures (red, orange and yellow) are really the colours that fashionistas recommend for bright, fresh and  comfortable slippers. However, black and dark shades are not completely to be excluded because this offers a very different and graphic aesthetic.

Wedge sandals are a good option this year, especially with an espadrille-style raffia style. Generally speaking, shoes made of raffia or other woven texture are fashionable, this adds texture and charm to the shoes.

  1. Flat sandals

Flat sandals for women are the most common models, there are thousands of them. Distinguish the sandals with simple and straight straps which have colours such as brown or evening, and on the other hand the sandals with more original shapes and textures. These 2 types of flat sandals are not mutually exclusive and you can switch from one to the other depending on the look.

  1. Heeled sandals

The summer heeled sandal is elegant especially for parties and weddings. You can opt for medium heels without losing style. In online collection, you can find heeled sandals with wide straps or thin but numerous straps, the important thing is to have straps that hold the foot well with this type of shoe.

  1. Wedge sandals

For women who wish to gain a few inches, wedge sandals may be the best option. You can find shoes with an espadrille-like structure, there are wooden versions but the appearance is not very summery and light.

  1. Mules

The sandal without a strap on the back of the foot is a mule. There are generally 2 types of flat mules, simple strappy mules or cross straps mules.

  1. Pastel and Calm shades

Muted tones are one of the biggest spring / summer trends. Choose light blue, green, beige or pink to give your outfit a beautiful makeover. Shoes of a cream, coffee, sand shade look good together with trousers, dress, skirt.

  1. “Daddy” style

These shoes are minimalistic and slightly reminiscent of trekking sports sandals. In the female version added a slight elevation and bright hues so you can feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

  1. Ties and ribbons

If you’re looking for trendy sandals this season, ties and ribbon trend is perfect. Suitable for creating a relaxing atmosphere wherever you are now. Minimalist design definitely matches any spring / summer wardrobe format. Lace sandals, wrapped around the leg or ankle, this season is a must have. Pay attention to the models in playful pastel and metallic colours.

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