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Remembering The 80s Vintage Clothing & Recreating Their Fashion

While thinking about 80’s fashion, there is so much to look back to. Honestly, 80’s fashion was all about wearing something bright and big. We all love 80s vintage clothing and look back to all the popular celebrities who wore them. The fashion trends in the 80s had a trace of avant-garde style. It is not just the clothing but the hairstyle, too, that had become a huge part of the 80s fashion style. When we look back to the 1980s, we draw inspiration from their fashion trends.

The 1980s vintage clothing style

The next-door girl look of most celebrities back in the 80s was inspirational. The kooky hats and mom jeans with a big green became a fashion statement for almost every woman back then. We have borrowed and bought the trend of mom jeans back into the 20s, and people are digging it. These are high-waisted wide jeans that are completely different from the skinny jeans we wear now. Some of the other iconic vintage clothing styles that existed back in the 1980s were:

  •     Padded Jackets – The 80s fashion was all about showing women as strong and empowered. The swag of the padded jackets gave that strength an extra nudge.
  •     Pleated and Pencil Skirts – These skirts are still creating a fashion statement today in 2021. The pleated skirts with oversized tops made quite a combination.
  •     Trousers or Power Suits – As already mentioned before, women in the 80s wore clothes that made them feel powerful and confident. These power suits made them feel that.
  •     Oversized/ Baggy Tops: The fashion terms “slim fit” and ‘tight-fitting’ did not exist back in the 1980s. So, it was all about wearing more sleeves and oversized tops.

Apart from these, there were other vintage fashion trends popularized in the 80s. The stylish sportswear, denim jumpsuits, stonewash denim, Denim skirts, tropical prints, tracksuits, and denim jackets of bright and primary colours became quite a hype during that time.

Recreating 80s fashion trends today!

The 1980s were known for being one of the most memorable decades in their vintage fashion style. Being a fan of 80s fashion, people want to recreate many vintage fashion styles and bring them from the past. So people were copying the dressing styles of Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Princess Diana, and other great stars.

Still, many online shops sell these 80s vintage-style clothing. Styling these clothing with bright and loud makeup and short hair was what 80s fashion was all about. Today, even in 2021, most people remember that style and try to bring them back. It is mostly the fashion influencers who are trying out different vintage styles and including 1980 fashion clothing in their list.

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