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T-shirt with “Muscles”: What is it and How to Wear It?

What thing will not be missed by any famous fashion blogger because this is the must-have of the season? Of course, muscle tee, i.e. literally “muscle shirt”. How it looks, who suits and what to wear it with, you will learn from this article.

These types of short sleeve t-shirts look quite masculine, demonstrating strength and character, but at the same time emphasize the fragility of especially the hands, and, therefore, can be a rather feminine piece of the wardrobe.

About the hand

Hands matter here. Ideally, for such a T-shirt, it is better if the arms are quite graceful or athletic, but without excess volume and muscles. Otherwise, there is a risk of looking rude. The masculine open shoulders of short sleeve t-shirts will emphasize the wrong things.

Muscle tee will not work if you have:

  • too pumped up arms
  • large voluminous hands
  • arms with the same thickening (protruding tubercle) in the upper arm

Broad-shouldered girls should try on this trend and check how it looks personally on them. In an inverted triangle shape, such a T-shirt can conceal the width of the shoulder, especially if the arms are slender.

Your shape is a “wide rectangle”. This style of the T-shirt will make the wide silhouette look rougher regardless of the shape of the arms. What cannot be said about a narrow rectangle, where somewhat boyish fragility is well played up with voluminous shoulders and can correct the proportions in the direction of the classic female silhouette.

If you don’t want to invest in a trendy item or are hesitant before buying, experiment with a regular loose T-shirt, twisting its sleeves inward. Evaluate whether this style suits you, and only then decide whether to go to the store for t shirt styled women’s blouses.

What to wear with?

Despite its appearance, a T-shirt with voluminous shoulders remains a base, like its usual counterparts. There are no forbidden colours and techniques. The only caveat that is worth noting is that it is usually not worn outside. A clear shoulder line combined with the edges of the T-shirt tucked into trousers or a skirt allows you to emphasize / create a waist. The volume in the shoulders together with the volume in the waist and such a length of the product would look incomplete and inelegant. It is better to tuck the T-shirt into a skirt, trousers, shorts with a fit at the waist or slightly higher. Can be completed with a belt.

Fashion experts offer you some interesting T-shirt looks for inspiration

  • A round neckline of a T-shirt can decorate an actual chain necklace or a multi-layered necklace made of chains, beads, shells and baroque pearls.
  • The shoulder tee looks great with a leather bottom of any length. The dense material of the trousers is in good harmony with the clear lines of the top.
  • The “muscle” T-shirt will fit even in a vintage style. Go for distinctive, cheerful warm colours and distinctive prints. Add accessories in the desired style and the retro look will look fresh and modern, while retaining its unique mood.
  • Do not hesitate with your choice of texture. There are no restrictions here. Bright and contrasting women’s blouses look as good as neutral calm sets.
  • Don’t forget the stylish belt. Looks with a T-shirt look pretty relaxed and if you want to add a twist to them, you can do it with a belt. Beautiful buckles, chains and classics will work for you and add personality.

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