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Style rules: when can we wear a long dress?

The long dress is considered in the common imagination as the most elegant garment, to be worn only for a special event in the evening. Maybe it was like that a few decades ago, when the long dress was synonymous with a grand gala: but today to put on a long dress you certainly don’t have to lead a worldly life!

You can wear the maxi dress on several occasions, both day and night, in the office or in your free time, on the beach and in the city, at a wedding or a business dinner. A real godsend, considering that the long dress fits in an instant, is extremely light and comfortable to wear in all seasons, has many different styles and allows you to hide even small imperfections- such as waxing postponed for months and legs not quite toned.

How do you go about wearing them with style practically always? Just follow these simple tips on how and when to wear the long dress. Let’s see together all the situations to wear it and what type of long dress to choose in relation to the occasion.

Long dress during the day, in the office

Wearing a long dress to the office during the day? You can! The important thing is to choose the matching tastes to wear the maxi dress at work with class. First, opt for long printed dresses in sophisticated patterns, or the more classic chemisier or wrap dresses in solid colors and combine them with a pair of heeled ankle boots and a blazer for a more formal look.

Opt for a pair of ballet flats and a leather jacket if you’re looking for a casual Friday look. For an even cooler effect stolen from street style, you can wear the long slip dress over a white shirt. Never combine the long cheap fashion clothing with stiletto pumps, or your colleagues will think you are going to a wedding rather than a meeting: if you like chic shoes, go for a pair of kitten heel slingbacks or mules.

Long dress during the day, in your free time

Wearing the long dress in your free time like a fashion blogger? Go for a rainbow maxi dress to combine with white sneakers, an oversized denim jacket and a see-through bag.

To wear the maxi dress during the day when you are not at work, combine it with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket. To make the long dress casual, wear it with a practical shoulder bag.

When to wear a long dress in your free time? The best time is in the spring, when it’s still too cold for mini dresses and you haven’t had a chance to make a lamp yet. In this case, you can also wear a knitted maxi dress.

Long dress for ceremony/wedding

Wearing a long dress for a ceremony can be challenging: the advice is to choose a model that suits your physiognomy and style, as well as the type of ceremony you will have to attend.

If the evening gala, the best choice is to scope the long lace or silk in a statement color such as emerald green, dark blue, bright red or black simpler.

Go for a casual maxi dress with a plunging neckline or a wide slit for a truly special event and pair it with statement jewelry and accessories.

When to wear a long cheap fashion clothing at a wedding?

Exclusively if the ceremony takes place in the late afternoon or evening. Go for an empire cut casual maxi dress in a pastel color to be flawless. The long dress for a beach wedding? Go for a light-colored floral garment.

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