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How to choose a shift dress according to your body type?

Summer season often involves changes in everything right from vacation places to your clothes present in the wardrobe. It is true that scorching heat burns your delicate skin and warm weather makes it difficult for you to wear tight and skinny attires.

This is the time when you need to choose outfits that are loose and designed with sweat-soaking material in order to offer you great comfort. Although there are several clothes like crop tops, palazzos, shorts and so but the one that is pretty popular these days is shift dresses

A shift dress is mainly an outfit that falls straight from your shoulder and can end somewhere near your knees. It is basically designed using quality fabric like pure cotton or linen to offer you great comfort even in the scorching heat.

Which is the best shift dress for your body type?

Being a woman, it is necessary for you to know that wearing outfits that suit your body type is the fashion’s rule of thumb. With little modification, you can easily wear all types of clothes.

Here are some amazing ideas for wearing a shift dress according to your body type:

Pear shape body

Women with pear-shaped body types have a fuller lower body but you can easily hide this by wearing a layered A-line shift dress. Such type of dress comes with an extra layer for your upper body which helps in creating a diversion and gives you a flatter and elegant look.

However, it is better to go for an A-line shift dress with a color block for a pear-shaped body type.

Apple shape body 

Apple shape body is also called a round shape and the hip, waist, and bust of this body type are the same. Women with such body types should wear a shift dress with V-neckline and solid colors.


Rectangle shape body 

If you are a woman with a rectangle shape body then go for a trendy shift dress that has an embellished or printed neckline. Such kind of dress offers your curves an attractive look that further enhances your overall personality.

Hourglass shape body 

Do you know the most balanced body shape? Hourglass body type is the answer. Shift dresses are one of the best outfits for women with hourglass shape body because they perfectly define your body curves.

It is always better to go for a shift dress with the belt on the waist or with flare in order to create a flawless balance between your small waist & big bust, creating a taller appearance.

Irrespective of your body type, you can get shift dress for yourself and rock the world. It is a perfect and one of the best summer attire for women.

Therefore, if you want to explore some amazing and elegant shift dresses and cute tops then Berrylook is definitely the right place for you.

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