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If you thought bohemian style is outdated, think again. Boho style is one of the trending fashion styles that never seem to go away. Floral prints, maxi dresses, exaggerated ruffled collars, flowy skirts, embroidery, etc., are some of the features of boho styles. There are many ways women are putting together trendy boho looks.

One of the trendy outfits today is boho tops. Styling women’s bohemian tops to make them look sophisticated and elegant is not difficult when you have the right pairings. Let’s look at different pieces of clothing you need to style women’s boho tops.

Pleated pants

Pleated pants tend to compliment everything, even boho blouses. Wearing your boho top with pleated pants brings out that summer look and gives off a sophisticated vibe. If you want to look vibrant and flattering on a weltering day, pleated pants and a boho-style top are the ultimate outfits. The best thing about most boho tops is that they are breathable, making them the perfect wear for summer.

High waist jeans

Big ruffled collars are a trend that keeps on getting bigger. The best way to style big collared boho tops is to pair them up with high-waisted jeans or straight-leg jeans to give the old-school trend a modern feel. The truth is, nothing goes wrong with high waist jeans, especially a boho top. Most boho tops are flowy so pairing them up that way highlights your features. You can put together this look during a busy day full of errands and pair it up with some flats.

Flared jeans

Flared jeans coupled with a bohemian style top are a wild but classic match. By matching your boho top with flared jeans, you are staying true to the bohemian fashion style of the 60s and the 70s. It is a chic look that will leave heads turning as you walk past the streets. The best thing about this style is that it can work well with heels, sneakers, or flats, depending on how chic or sophisticated you want to look.

Printed jackets

Today’s bohemian style tops tend to be plain, so there should be no problem when you wear them with printed jackets and shorts. You can tuck in the boho top, throw your printed jacket over, and put some sneakers on to bring out a chic vibe. You can wear this look when going for a brisk walk in a park, Sunday night out with your friends, or on a casual day. The best thing about it is that you will feel fresh and free.

A structured blazer

A structured blazer gives off the girl boss vibe, and it is also perfect to pair with a boho-style top. With some jeans on and your boho top, thrown in a structured blazer, and you bring out a sophisticated and sassy look. The good thing is that you can do this look on any occasion.

The takeaway

Ensure you accessorize your look to bring out that bohemian vibe. Handmade, crocheted, and tie-dyed pieces of jewelry make the perfect accessories for bohemian styles. Since bohemian outfits are unique, you should complement them with unique accessories too.

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